a modern colour photo of Amanda, owner of Bowerbird Jewellery

Fairytale Fair – Makers Monday feature!

Hello all! I joined The Fairytale Fair directory late last year and part of this membership is the chance to be featured in their popular Makers Monday blog! Last month was my turn, so to find out more about me and my jewellery business, head to their blog here!

Support Handmade!

Hello! Well, the last few months have certainly been challenging for us all! Like many people I have been at home for lockdown and although not able to go to my two paid jobs (at Pendennis Castle and Kresen Kernow) as they are customer facing – I have been able to concentrate on new and […]

My new website!

Hello!   Here’s the start of something big!  My new website!  Please be patient as this is definitely a work in progress!  Hopefully I’ll be adding more posts as I get to grips with WordPress (my old blog was on Blogger!)   Cheers, Amanda