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It’s International Beading Week!

24th July is the first day of International Beading Week! Initiated by The Beadworkers Guild, it’s been going for a few years now.

I love to try and create something new or do a few videos of beading, as this is where I first started on my journey into jewellery making.

I created a lovely crystal rainbow pendant last year and when I was looking through my beading projects, I realised that I hadn’t finished the project sheet, so I’ve finished it and have added it to this post as a PDF – please do use to learn how to make this lovely pendant or it’s a great way to learn Right Angle Weave using two needles!

There’s loads of free projects and tutorials all over Instagram and the internet, but the first place should be The Beadworkers Guild’s website!

If you’d like to make this crystals rainbow pendant you can find the free PDF project below! Happy beading!

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